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Cable categories

1, what are the common wire and cable by purpose categories? Answer: can be classified by use bare wire, insulated wire, heat-resistant wires, shielded wire, power cables, control cables, telecommunication cables and radio-frequency cables.

2, insulated wire and what kind? Answer: often insulated wires of one of the following: PVC insulated wire, PVC wire, nitrile PVC compound insulated wire, rubber insulated wire, farm underground straight buried aluminum core plastic insulated wire, rubber insulated, cotton yarn of textile cords, PVC insulated nylon sheathed wire, PVC Insulated flexible wire for power and lighting, etc.

3, cable tray is suitable for any occasion? Answer: indoor and outdoor overhead cable trays suitable for industrial and mining enterprises laying power cables, control cables, can also be used in indoor and outdoor sectors such as telecommunications, radio and television to set up.

4, cable accessories are there? A: the attachments are commonly used indirect cable junction boxes, cable box, connecting pipes and terminals, steel connection Groove, cabling trays, and so on.

5, what is the cable joints? A: the connection cables and conductors, insulation of the cable shielding and protective layer, so that the cable connected device, known as the cable joints.

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