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Difference between KVV and RVV

Cable with RVV KVV difference: one, a different name. Full PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable of KVV cable, RVV cables were PVC insulated, PVC sheathed flexible cable, KVV cable "k" represents the control cables and RVV cable "r" represents the flexible cable, so a control cable and a cable. Second, the structure. KVV cable by more unit BV line composition, BV line is by single unit conductor composition, KVV cable line body more hard, size larger, General as signal or power transmission of trunk cable; RVV cable is by more unit RV line composition, RV line by more unit copper wire composition, so RVV cable line body more soft, size smaller, often for life in the of Strip, and various electrical of power connection with line. Third, for different purposes. Already mentioned in the 2nd, KVV backbone for signal or power transmission cables, electrical cables, sometimes buried laying method of installation, KVV cables available for rated voltage up to and including the following or 0.6/1kV and under control, signaling, protection and measurement system used. RVV cable is used for the control signal transmission lines, electrical equipment, instrumentation, automation equipment, senior security burglar alarm systems, intercom systems, home lighting connection line, used for household-type electrical appliances connected with lines, so it becomes the power cord.

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