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How to buy wire and cable

Fake and inferior wire and cable producers in order to reap huge profits, regardless of the interests of consumers, large quantities of poor quality wire and cable products, disrupted electric wire and cable market, damage the interests of users. Therefore, the correct choice of cables and wires is very important, what products are in line with national standards?

First, there is the "CCC" certification mark. Wire and cable products because life has a close relationship with the consumers, its quality, security will directly affect the personal and property safety of consumers. Therefore, wire and cable products is a national compulsory safety certification, all manufacturers of China electrical product certification board certification must be obtained "CCC" certification, obtained "CCC" certification mark, in the certificate or product has the "CCC" certification mark.

Secondly, beautifully wrapped. Wire and cable products, packaging and other products, all products meet the national requirements of medium to large formal enterprises, the production of wires and cables is focused on product packaging.

Third, smooth round, uniform color. Products conform to national requirements of the wire and cable business, in order to improve product quality, ensure products meet the national standard, in the purchase of raw materials, production equipment, production of strictly. Therefore, the production of wire and cable products meet the standard requirements: smooth, uniform color. Fake and inferior product appearance rough matte. Rubber insulation for flexible cables, require the round, sheathing, insulation, conductor close difficult to peel. Fake and inferior product appearance rough and large, oval, sheathing insulation low hands can tear. The four conductors glossy, DC resistance, conductor dimensions are in line with national standards. In line with national standards for wire and cable products, whether aluminum conductors or copper conductors are relatively light, oil-free, thus conductor DC resistance in full compliance with national standards, with good conductivity and high security.

Lastly, accuracy of the length. Length is the difference between counterfeit and inferior products are intuitive and in line with national standards. The length of wire and cable products in line with national standards in accordance with national standard of 100 ± 0.5m (that is, 100 meters for criteria, allowable error of 0.5 meters) to protect the interests of consumers.

Its six certificates of clearly marked. Meet national standards requirements of wire cable products certificate printing clear "CCC" certification identifies, and trademark, and model specifications, and rated voltage, and length, and test, and manufacturing date, and certification number, and implementation standard, and factory name, and site, and phone, identifies have clearly, and and products phase meet, also some enterprise in certificate Shang standard has "warning user", content, to general consumers right purchase and installation.

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