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Issues related to cable type

1, SYV: solid polyethylene insulating radio frequency coaxial cable

2, SYWV (Y): cable TV system cable with physically foamed polyethylene insulation, video (RF) coaxial cables (SYV, and SYWV, and SYFV) applies to closed-circuit monitoring and cable TV works

SYWV (Y), SYKV cable structure of cable television, broadband networks: (coaxial cable) + single oxygen-free round copper wire physically foamed polyethylene (insulated) + (aluminum wire +) + PVC (PE)

3, signal control cable (RVV sheathed cable, RVVP shield wire) applied to building intercom, burglar alarms, fire, automatic meter reading project

RVVP: copper core PVC insulation Shielded PVC sheathed soft cable voltage 300V/300V 2-24 core

Use: instruments, intercom, surveillance, control of

4, RG: access network cable with physically foamed polyethylene insulation for hybrid coaxial fiber-optic network (HFC) transmission data in the analog signal

5, KVVP: PVC sheathed braided shielding cable application: electrical, instrumentation, signal transmission distribution equipment, control, and measurement

6, RVV (227IEC52/53) PVC insulated soft cable application: household appliances, small electric tools, instrumentation and power lighting

7, AVVR PVC sheathed soft cable for installation

8, SBVV HYA data communication cable (indoor and outdoor) for connection to telephone and radio equipment as well as the junction box wiring of telephone wiring

9, RV, RVP PVC insulated cables

10, RVS, RVB suitable for household appliances, electric tools, equipment, instrumentation and power connection cable

11, BV, BVR PVC insulated cable application: applicable to electrical equipment and power for fixed wiring

12, RIB speaker cables (fever Ray)

13, KVV, PVC insulated control cable application: electrical appliances, meters, power distribution unit signal transmission, control, and measurement

14, SFTP twisted-pair transmission of telephone, data and information network

15, UL2464 computer cable

16, VGA monitor cable

17, SYV coaxial cable for wireless communication, broadcasting, control system engineering and electronic equipment in the transmission of radio frequency signals (including integrated coaxial cables)

18, SDFAVP, and SDFAVVP and the SYFPY coaxial cable, Elevator

19, JVPV, JVPVP, JVVP copper-core PVC insulated and sheathed, braided copper wire computer control cable

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