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What is SYWV and how to choose this specification?

What is SYWV and how to choose this specification?

SYWV directly transfer the TV signal to the subscribed TV through special coaxial cable, which is the important transfer medium called SYWV.

SYWV is foaming. Different from the coaxial cable used in monitoring system transmission, the structure of SYWV is consisted of single OFC conductor, foaming white insulation, aluminum braided and sheath. While CCTV is composed of single OFC conductor, solid white insulation, shielding net and black sheath.

SYWV has the good characteristics of low capacity, low decay, impedance uniformity and strong interference


 The common specification of SYWV include SWYV75-5, SYWV75-7 and SYWV75-9, etc. “-5, -7, -9” refer to different sizes of internal OFC core. Different specification has different signal attenuation. The thicker the copper core is, the smaller the transmission attenuation degree is.IMG_2579.jpg

We can choose the SYWV according to the different installation environment, for example, SYWV75-5 for inside, SYWV75-7 and SYWV75-9 for outside. In architecture, vertical direction (trunk line) uses SYWV75-9 and the branch line can use SYWV75-5.

The SYWV connector and internal copper core should not touch with shielded wires, or it will cause signal interference.

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