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Wire and cable, things you should know

Wire cable model of select selection wire cable Shi, to consider uses, laying conditions and the security; for example, according to uses of different, can selection power cable, and overhead insulation cable, and control cable,; according to laying conditions of different, can selection General plastic insulation cable, and steel with armored loaded cable, and wire armored loaded cable, and anti-corrosion cable,; according to security requirements, can selection not extended burning cable, and flame retardant cable, and no halogen flame retardant cable, and refractory cable,.Cable transport and storage 1 transport dropping from a height is strictly prohibited in cables or cables of cable trays, especially at lower temperatures (usually 5 degrees Celsius and below), throw, throw cable may lead to cracking of insulation, sheath. 2 avoid as far as possible in the open placed on the exposed cable, cable tray flat is not allowed. 3 when lifting packages, several dishes at the same time lifting and is strictly prohibited. In vehicles, ships and other means of transport, fixed cable trays using appropriate methods to prevent collision or upset to prevent mechanical damage to the cable. 4 cable is forbidden contact with the acid, alkali and mineral oil, and corrosive substances stored in isolation. storage of cables of the Treasury may not have damaged insulation and corrosion of metals harmful gases exist. 5 cable in his keeping, regular scroll (3 months in the summer, season extension, as appropriate). As you scroll, put the down side, roll up, so as not to bottom surface with damp rot. Storage should always pay attention to the cable head is intact. 6 cable storage period is limited to products manufactured, generally not more than 1.5 years, maximum of two years.

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