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Accfecting Factors Of Wire Cable Useful Life


Every trade production-manufacturing is closely  related to electric power , Power and cable are related, the service life is directly affect the production safety. Normally cable’s working life is 20 years.

The directly reason of deterioration failure was broken down because of decreasing insulation. There are more factors caused decreasing insulation. Such as External force damage,insulation damp,chemical corrossion,long term overload cooperation. Cable joint fault,enveriment and tempreture.cable degradation etc,of course it including unqualified cable, take xi’an unqualified cale as example, 30millions RMB cable unqualified in the total cost of 40millions RMB cable products, not only afftect the service life of cable ,but also threaten human safety. Chinese government has took an serciously punishement to the company which produced unqualified cable products. And the government has invested china cable industrial to improve the quality level of cable area. So we should choose the good qualified enterprise to protect human safety and also can improve the service life of cable,henanTianluocable Co,with own production line and morden equipment ,it has produced optic cable and power cable more than 10 years. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000 and our stringent quality control system. 

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