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Application Of Optic Cable In Video Surveillance System


We will Introduce Application of optic cable in video surveillance system from Fiber type, optic cable structure, corollary equipment and fanout connection type. 

1Fiber type


According to the difference of usage occasion, it was classified fiber into indoor optical fiber, outdoor fiber, branch optical cable,and distribution cable.

According to transmission type, it includes Single-mode fiber and multimode fiber, Single-mode fiber was used in corollary equipment, emphasis on introducing corollary equipment. Transmission grade classification includes G.652, G.653, G.654, and G.655.

Cabling ways

The most common Cabling ways of Outdoor fiber is loosen the sleeve as the core.
Indoor fiber adopts sleeve type laying

2Optic cable structure
A. The most common optical cable structure is stranded loose tube cable; more than 12cores cable adopt the structure generally. stranded loose tube cable as central strength-member optical cable, the loose sleeve is outside of the center reinforcement.
Fiber core need 12 colors to distinguish for application, the number of cores is from 12 to 144.

B. Central tube type was used outdoor cable which cores are under 12.there is central loose casing inside which include cores from1-12, the outer sheath containing two parallel steel wires.

3Fiber corollary equipment
Fiber distribution frame; Optical fiber terminal box is to protect fiber and fanout,fanout is to connect fiber converter,fiber switch or
optic transmission equipment.
Optical transceiver:using in pairs,the device that convert optical and electrica.electric connect switch,optical connect fanout.
Fiber module:fiber module which is connect  fiber fanout and switch directly is mainly used in fiber switch

4Fanout connection type

The familiar type of fanout are FCSTFC/APCSC/APCSC.etc.fiber converter connection is SCconnectiontherefore, we should determain theconnection type of fiber converter or fabric switch.


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