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Cabling Ways Of Cable


There are six ways of cable laying; The directly buried installationpipe laying, Shallow trench laying, laying with cable trench, cable tunnel laying, Overhead laying. They have advantages and disadvantages. in comparison with technologyCable tunnel laying and laying with cable trench are easy at cable construction, maintenance and repair. In some developed countries urban district, public tunnel has been taken into consideration in urban planning and construction. Although public tunnel runs well, with huge initial investment and the other forbid factors, only a few the domestic enterprises used this cabling way.


The directly buried laying is the most economic laying. It mainly was constructed in suburban area .The disadvantages are cable maintenance and repair, once occurs cable problems, you need dig trench again.



Therefore, according to engineering situation, environmental, cable type and quantity, we need consider real situations to determine what kinds of cabling way will be selected.

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