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Cause Classifications Of Power Cable Fault

Underground power cable faults are complex and volatile, classifications as follow:

 1.Cause Classification of causing power cable faults

      (1)insulation damp
        Cable voltage descending caused by insulation damp, insulation damp reasons as follow:
    a.The joint box or terminal box structure is not sealed or poor installation caused flooding  

 b.Metal sheath with small holes or cracks because of quality problems

 c.Metal sheath was perforated by corrosion .

  (2) Insulation deterioration

 The reasons of Insulation deterioration as follow:

 a.Extended use of power cable
.Overload current or power cable trenches poor ventilation


 (3)Medical damage

  a.installation. It mainly caused by careless damage or over bending power cable.

b. Damaged by external force. civil construction close to the ground surface which was laid power cable underground

c.Damaged caused by natural phenomena ,such as Land subsidence causes excessive tension, push off the connections           or conductor.

  Power cable faults were caused by dielectric breakdown which was Defective cable insulation was     affected by Overvoltage. The mainly reasons are atmospheric over-voltage and internal overvoltage.

  (5)poor design and production process

    Indeliberate electric-field distribution design; materials problem and poor production process, workers operating against        regulations. 


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