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Causes Of Cable Explosion On Fire

Power cable sheath was made of Paper,oil,fibre,rubber,plastic,pitch.etc.therefore,it is possible to burst into flames.We attribuit the reasons of cable explosion on fire as follow:
(1)cable sheath damage caused Short circuit fault

protecting rolled lead of power cable caused insulation breakdown  while was damaged in laying or in the operation of mechanical damage.the arc which was produced was easy to fire insulation material and external protection material.

(2)Cable long time overload operation:

Cable insulation material long time overload operation over the maximum working tempreture, the ageing of cable insulation make insulation decrease insulation performance and mechnical properties.therefore,it’s easier to breakdown on fire.


(3)cable lead combustion:

With cable lead surface Moisture contamination, cable lead porcelain casing crack and ,the distance is too small between two lines lead on fire.

In addition,external fire source and heat source also would lead to fireWe must pay more attention on these points which might lead to fire disaster.

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