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Does The Network Integrated Cables Can Connect The 220v?

Does the Network integrated cables can connect the 220v?

Network integrated cablesrefer to the integrated cable frequently used in monitoring system, which is composed of network cable and power cable, aims to reduce cost and save time.

Network integrated cables can be divided into 4 cores OFC reticle (cat5/6)+2cores ofc power cord and 8 cores OFC reticle(cat5/6) +2cores ofc power cord, which always used in HD network transmission. Suggestion on choosing reticle should be the property of OFC, because of low resistance and stability transmission.


There are some differences in transmission distance of 4cores and 8cores, network monitoring integrated cables transfer monitor signal mainly depend on the transmission distance of power cord. Integrate reticle (cat5/6) separate multi 12V to transfer in 220V, the camera can’t work anymore if the long distance and high loss. The general network monitoring integrated cable can transfer the distance 50-60m in using power supply.


The part of power cord of the network integrated cables can pass 220V, which can transfer 150-200m distance, while the part of reticle only can transfer the distance 100-120m. All in all, the furthest distance can approach 120m when the integrate cables connect 220V.

The best choices of choosing is the integrate cable of separate structure, the structure divides the network cable and power cable so as to operate conveniently, efficiently reduce its own disturbing and avoid interference from cascade and outside.

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