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European Wind Power Will Be Expected To Invest 35.1billion Euros Till 2030


According to Wind Europe estimate, European wind power will be expected to invest 35.1billion Euros till 2030.


EU project achieves Renewable energy accounts for 35% till 2030, it will save0.716million jobs, At present, the proportion of European wind power is 10% in power structure. The cost of winder power is lower than fossil fuel, even if the highest offshore winder power, Germany has signed zero subsidies Construction project. Therefore, European winder industrial demand 35.1billion Euros for investment.

power is closely related to cable, power development directly influence cable market, huge investment in electric will bring new chance and challenge to cable industrial, China power cable exported to all over the world, European cable demand will stimulate china cable market. Good quality and quantity is the radical, Henan TianluoCable has focus on producing cable for ten years and has depend modern producing line.
We have passed ISO9001, ISO14000 and our stringent quality control system. 


We have offered cable product for China telecom, china mobile, and china Unicom, highway, railway, electric power, Pipeline, Direct burial lying, Indoor and outdoor cable.


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