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Fiber Patch Cord: Single And Multi Mode

Fiber patch cord: single and multi mode

Fiber patch cord is used to the connection between LTE (Lightware Terminal Equipment) and terminal box with connectors in two ends, and thick protective sheath. It is divided into single and multi mode. The specification include:SC, FC, MTRJ and LC, etc. Single mode patch cord outer sheath is yellow and multi mode is orange. The products are characterized by soft, mainly used in inside.


Single mode: The only one wavelength can be transmitted, but 1310/1550nm long distance, namely longwave.

Multi mode: Multi wavelength can be transmitted, but short distance about 850nm, namely shortwave.


Generally speaking, patch cords are used in pairs, but without compulsive request in application. It is related to the equipments connected to, such as, VOOP (video optical transceiver), its transmission is receipt and transfer correspondingly.

The transmission of single mode needn’t use in pairs, just one enough, but multi mode need.

In fact, patch cord is shorter communication optical cable. Because the connection between two communication equipments is short, it is called fiber optic cable.

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