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Forecast Of Indian Cable Industrial Development Situation

India cable industrial requirement will be expected 20% because of development of domestic infrastructure. In the past ten years, The quickly requirements of Power,Lighting and telecommunication are increasing greatly promoted demand of cable industrial sharply.


The Times of India------in the past 20years, Although India power cable market has undergo The evolution from an age of Anarchy to an age of order.35%cable market still keep In an out of order situation.

recently years,India government is enlarging the investment of infrastructure ,it brings great potentiality chance.Substantial investment in infrastructure construction will promote the demand of India domestic market ,in addition, The demand of core business such as Mining, power, oil, gas, subways, cement, steel are also  great potentiality.
From cable type point of view, it include power cable and telecommunication,power cable is the important part of power industrial.With the India government's strong support for renewable energy power and upgrading of existing power plants, power cable will increase sharply in the future 5years


On the other way,urbanization and the acceleration of rural electrification which  increase domestic demand for electricity are major factors. China is one of important import countries for India ,with the development of India ,china power cable export business will be continue increasing in the future years.



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