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Four Problems Of Cable Construction


we usually meet four problems of cable construction . exactly information as follow:

1Eddy current problem

During construction, Power cable adopted Steel support, Steel protective pipe, Cable card and overhead laying, Any Iron Closed Circuit forms around power cable, then eddy would be produced, especially in huge power cable system, eddy was much more larger.We must prevent forming iron closed circuit forms to avoid vortex flow.

2mechanical damage problem
transportation and laying of power cable are very difficult because of large outer diameter. Turning radius are demanded for a high standard during construction.It would cause conductor mechanical damage problem and reduce the cable insulation strength If angle turn were too wide. Therefore, we should reduce torsion force of cable in order to avoid mechanical damage problem.

3Moistureproof problem of power cable
the experience of running shows that medium and low voltage power cable fault include cable intermediate joint and terminal head failure. The most failure reason of intermediate joint and terminal head failure is the decrease of insulation strength which was caused by bad seal. therefore, we should make sure the seal in good condition.

4Mediate and low voltage Cable grounding problems

We must consider grounding problem of metal sheath because three - phase loads inequality and make sure any ungrounded junction Normal induced voltage of metal sheath are under 100v.


All in all, we should take an efficient action to prevent these problems happen in order to protect people’s safety in production and life.



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