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Hot Topic Trends Of Generic Cabling System


Technically, hot topic trends of generic cabling system are reflected several ways as follow:


(1)   CAT6ACAT7CAT7A generic are used to support transmission of 10GBE


2Applications of OM3OM4 multimode fiber, single model fiber, fiber to the desk, fiber to the customers, fiber to the building subscriber unit, with the advantages of transmission distance and information security. Fiber continues developing according to the customer’s requirements, demands of internet and images.


3Shielded wiring system. The generic cabling system was used in govement, bank which require higher security.

4Electronic distribution and management soft ware, electronic distribution directly manage port in real time and record the using situation on hardware and software. It mainly reduces the cost of maintenance under ensuring network security.

5End to end applicationIt is network connection from one work area end to the other work area end in order to offer comprehensive solution.

6Engine cabling system especially focus on regional distribution, it demand the higher the grade

7High density devices application ,not only ensures the function ,but also save space.


8power distribution system. Using integrated wiring line pair to transmit signal and offer power supply. It will reduce the amount of the electric power socket.

9Industrial cabling


10Application of high flame retardant cable. Although high flame retardant cable maintenance cost is higher, it is better to maintenance and system expansion.

At present, these products are used more in airport, hospital etc.

11Home furnishing cabling system


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