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How Many Wires Crossed Into Tube Are Safer?

How many wires crossed into tube are safer?

Our housing wires are crossed into the PVC pipe to be protected. However, few people know the standard of the lines per pipe. Now, let’s learn it!

According to the standard, the lines in tube shouldn’t be over 40% of the space, such as, the capacity of the general housing 16mm line-tube cannot be over 6 pieces 2.5mm wire, which can be easily calculated.

Why should we give it so much space? As we know, the lines on working are on top temperature, so the space aims to relieve the heat. In addition, once the circuit happened to some trouble, it is difficult for the tube full of lines to inspect the problems.

Some tips:

1.       If there are some corners in the housing circuit or the longer line, we should add talcum powder into tubes. In this way, it is available to pull lines out.


2.        Different voltage and circuit can’t cross into one tube. If there isn’t any disturbing or lighting circuit, the lines can be crossed together. Remember not too many!


3.       Finishing the process of crossing, cutting the conductor-line. If you need connect to switches or socket, 15cm lines should be reserved. The distribution box needs longer, that is, the half of the perimeter of the box. And the outside lines need 1.5m.


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