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India Would Add Power Transmission Line100thousands Kilometers During The 13th Five-Year Plan Period

The foreign market research firm Wiseguyreports.Com reported that India power transmission Market Research Report,India government would invest 2600billions rupees to increase electric power circuit 105580kilometers and transform size292000MVA till 2022.As of 2016,December.the total of electric transmission line has reached 362121 kilometers. The total capacity of the transformer was 689,984 MV (not including high voltage direct current); the voltage level is beyond 220kv.


India government declared that renewable energy scale would been increased from400millions to the mean time, India National Electric Net.,Ltd is carrying out Phase I and Phase II of the Green Energy Corridor Project, For phase I, substation capacity transmission lines would be added from17,000 km to 34,650 MVA in order to support 33 GW Solar and wind power generation .and Phase II Would deliver electricity from the upcoming 20000 MW solar park to the required areas

India is actively building cross - border transmission lines with SAARC member States, the moment, India has interconnected power grids with Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma and Nepal.


At the means time, India has five Cross boundary e-business are constructing, Connected to one of Bangladesh and Nepal, three connected Bhutan, in addition, India Grid interconnection plan is under discussion, between India and Sri Lanka and Pakistan .


Recently years, Bilateral economic and trade cooperation is sustained and stable development between China and India. According to Chinese Customs 
Statistics, bilateral trade rapidly increases from 2.9billions to 70.65billionsduring past 10years.China has become the biggest business partner of India. India has played an import role in Chinese export-import business. The transmission electric line construction would be bring a good chance, especially for excellent company, such as He Nan Tianluo cable Co.,ltd. It has produced cables more than 10years, with their own developed production line, please wrote us!!



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