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The Differences Between Electric Wires And Cable Wires


Compared with electric wires and cable wires, not only their structure are different, but also  have differences in materials,application,etc. the differences as follow:


1. Materials

Electric wires is a kind of conductive metal material to carry current. Cable wire is made of one or more insulated conductors which are put in sheath.  Compared cable wires,The differences of electric wires are smaller size and simple structure. Sometimes, cable wires is classified to electric wires.

2. Structure

Compared with common electric wires, the characteristics of cable wires are larger size and complicate structure. the cable wires is composed of the following four groups, (1)Insulating layer: With characteristics of high insulation resistance, highly disruptive field intensity, lower dielectric loss and lower, dielectric constant, the cable wires were mainly used for insulation material.(2)sealing sheath: it protects insulation conductor from machinery, moisture, chemicals, lights.etc. (3)Protect covering layer: it protects sealing sheath from mechanical damage.and The advantages of the cable wires is  small distance between wires. Underground lying is affected by the pollution of  surrounding environment, high power supply reliability and small interference to the safety, Therefore, cable wire was used in densely populated and  dense areas and busy traffic area.


3. Application

Not only electric wires can transmit electrical energy and information, but also it makes electrical and electrical components and connections. Cable wires is used to transmission, distribution of electricity or transmission of electrical signals. According to application, the cable can be classified to power cable, telecommunication cable, and control cable.etc. HenanTianluoCable Co,ltd Dedicated to the production of cables for decades, the products were sold to all over the world,our company has become an famous cable manufacture plant in Henan province, Please write for inquiry. thanks!


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