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The Differences Of Household Wire Between Copper Wire And Alumina Wire.


Power wire plays an important in circuit transformation,at the present,there are two kinds of power wire copper wire and alumina wire. Which one is better? What’s the difference?


1、 Load power:With same Area of section of copper wire and alumina wire,the copper load power is larger than alumina wire.


2、 flexibilitythe copper flexibility is better than aluminum,easy to bend,but alumina is easy to be broken when it was bened.

3、 stabilityaluminum wire is easily oxidized so that the resistance enlarges and reduces wire load and easily appear safety problems,but copper stability is much more better than aluminum

4、 resistivitycompared with copper wire resistivity, aluminum resistivity is 1.68times of copper wire so that aluminum wire heat productivity is sercious and afftects electricity utilization rate.


5、 pricecopper wire is more expensive than aluminum wire,and copper wire is much more heavy than aluminum.




You’d better use copper wire ,it’s easy produce heat so that cause loosen connection even fire disaster because of aluminum wire’s poor electrical conductivity, in addition,Directly grooved the wall and laid cable wire is forbided ,you should adopt formal pipe installtion to avoid fire disaster.




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