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Advantages And Disadvantages Between Aluminum Alloy Cable And Pure Copper Cable


Aluminum alloy cable has used in China market for long time,but some cases expressed that huge danger and risks existed whenAluminum alloy cable were used in factories and cities. Enterprise got large loss after using,such as fire and serious corrosion .

The reason as follow:


1.corrosion resistance of copper cable  is better .

2Thermal expansion coefficient of Aluminum alloy cable is much higher than copper will affect the life-cycle as contraction principle.the higher thermal expansion,the easier damaging.

3Aluminum alloy is oxidized easily.

4pure Copper Creep performance is better


All in all,though the cost of aluminum alloy cable is lower,more and more clients and manufactures start giving up aluminum alloy cable and accepting pure copper cable,they would better consider quality and safety firstly.



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