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The Difference Of UTP,FTP,SFTP,

Unshilded twisted paired(UTP)which Transmission frequency is under250MHZ.

is the most widely used in cabling system.


Shield structure of Foil twisted paired(FTP) is 4pair twisted pair-wires which are shielded by single foil ,The main characteristic of FTP are anti-interference performance ,Smokeless low halogen,the price and installation cost are higher than unshilded twisted paired .


The Foil twisted paired(FTP) was Added metal braid net on the surface of foil which always adopt Al-MG wire braid,tin wire or tinned Copper wire, thats so called Double shielded Foil Twisted pair(SFTP)the advantages are anti-interference ,pretty good privacy .


The advantages of Shield twisted paired  are better anti-inference,higher transmission compare unshilded twisted paired.Shield twisted paired require all system must adopt shield product,including cable, socket,crystal head,distribution frame etc,and the good ground system is also important. So we have to take caution of pick up shield or unshild cable.

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