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The Upscale Market Status Of Wire And Cable

Statistically,china has become one of biggest cable producers, But Overseas-funded enterprises still take an important role in upscale market, especially Europe NEXEN, Pirelli group, Japan FURUKAWA, Japan’s Sumitomo.etc. requiring of overseas-funded cable will be developing in high-performance and high quality, from now on, The competition of china cable upscale market will appeared between brands. Some domestic cable manufactures have drawn attention on quality, technology, market, and innovate. Be positive and creative to seek out business opportunities.


Henan Tianluo Wire & Cable Technology which has overcome Adverse factors in the rise in copper prices; it has occupied a certain market share. Such as control cable, communication digital cable, indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable. The product has exported to all over the world, And become the famous enterprise in china.




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