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What Is The Difference Between Flexible Wire And Cotton Wire?

What is the difference between Flexible wire and Cotton Wire?

  We all know: the building material is necessary for decoration, the quality of the wires has a direct influence on the security of life. We should be pay attention to this point, so, what kinds of wires will be safer on decoration?

  The materials of Cotton Wire are composed of single hard copper core. Due to this character, it is not easy to turn a corner, when they need multi-pairs cables cross into the tube. So in this situation, it is suitable for straight road.


  The materials of Flexible wire are constituted by multi-cores flexible wire. The major difference of them is Flexible wire add the quantity of conductor, reduce the diameter of the single conductor, and ensure its less than 1 mm. Because of this property, the demands of laying have a great reduction on flexible wire. It is convenient to be crossed into tube compared with Cotton Wire.


  In the long term, for the purpose of safety of living and maintain, the best choice of cable wire is suitable for us.

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