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What Is The Double Shielded Bare Copper Net Cable?

What is the double shielded bare copper net cable?


Double shielded net cables refer to the cable with shielded layer covered internally, include the 4 pairs twisted cable and AL foil, which is covered the copper web. (wire cores + AL + copper web + sheath).

Double shielded bare copper net cables refer to the double shielded cables, which the material of conductor is composed of bare copper (pure copper). The shielded cable mainly against the strong interference circumstances, which causes the signal of transmission brokenly, and abnormally. While the shielded cable with the properity of good anti interference, stable transmission.



We should attention the distance of transmission in choosing cables, the bare copper cables transfer short distance for its resistance, about 50m, the long cable the short distance transmission. In the process of transmission, the shielded cable resists the interference would weaken its data. Generally speaking, the unshielded cable transfers longer distance.

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