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What’s The Main Function Of Shielded Cable And How To Use It Correctly?

What’s the main function of shielded cable and how to use it correctly?

Shielded cables refer to the cables with internal shielded jacket. The jacket means Al foil and braided net. The jacket of single shielded cables is only with one layer Al foil, while the double shielded cables are with one Al foil and copper braided.

Shielded cables have an important effect on resisting, shielding strong   electromagnetic interference and keep the stability of transmission network.


The structure of the cables has congenital advantage of reducing mutual interference of cables, which not only shields the electromagnetic signals from the outside, but also Al foil interdicts electromagnetic leakage. Therefore, the interference signal influencing other cables working cannot be transmitted.

There is a strip of copper wire in shielded cables, namely ground wire. We can adopt shielded RJ45 socket and connect ground with drain wire when using, because ground wire can be better to shield external signal.

The shielded cables need be well connected to ground to reduce interference impact on network signal. If the connecting point isn’t correct, over-high grounding resistance or imbalanced ground potential, it will cause noise. Thus, the arrangement is strict. The accessories need shielded property and good ground system.

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