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Fire Proof And General PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Flexible Wire

with good electrical conductivity,Fire proof , stain resistance,high purity and durability

Product Details


Fire proof and general PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible wire adpoted multi-standed conductor,the conductor material is bare copper,inner diameter is 0.2/0.25mm,PVC insulation ,PVC/D Sheath material. Material Character is Fire proof and general.voltage is from300 to 500V , max  of the cores is 37.the specification as follow:





60227 IEC 52RVV2/3/4/5*0.5,RVV 6/7/8*0.75 

60227 IEC 53RVV2/3/4/5*0.75,RVV 6/7/8*1.0  

60227 IEC 53RVV2/3/4/5*1.0, RVV 6/7/8*1.5       

60227 IEC 53RVV2/3/4/5*1.5, RVV 6/7/8*2.5       

60227 IEC 52RVV2/3/4/5*2.5, RVV 6/7/8/10/12*0.5



These products are used in the household electric appliances, instrument and power lighting for 300/500V ac rated voltage.



Certification& standard
certification:CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS

Standard: IEC 60227, GB/T5023.5-2008




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